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Tennis Elbow


Lateral Epicondylosis

Most who present with pain in their lateral elbow have point tenderness at a localized area around where the elbow bends. You might experience pain with gripping objections, opening doors, or even computer work. Although some may remember a specific incident, most have a wrist extension movement that they repeat multiple times per day which leads to the tissue to 'fray' and send pain signals to your brain to slow down. Most people benefit from rehabilitation exercises and sometimes splinting. There is a sub-section of the population where no interventions have provided sustained improvements for their lateral elbow pain. This is when you can consider ultrasound-guided platelet rich plasma injection for the treatment of persistent lateral epicondylosis (fancy way of saying lateral elbow pain from the tendon). We take the pro-healing substances from your blood (namely, the platelets and growth factors) and inject the platelet rich plasma via ultrasound-guidance into your injured tissue. This will cue your body's natural healing cascade to focus its attention on fixing the chronically injured tendon fibers.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Vs Autologous Blood Vs CorticosteroidInjections in the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis: A SystematicReview, Pairwise and Network Meta-Analysis of RandomizedControlled Trials


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